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My OTPs For Fairy Tail

More Gender Swap

Gajeel X Levy X3


Gender Swap

Fairy Tail Style

I Just Started Watching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi And OMG I’m Just Like

It’s Really Funny Too

I got something today yea

StrawHat Kids

Who Will Win Luffy Over?

Sanji Cosplayed Law

OTP Gif Challenge Fairy Tail Style

Natsu x Lucy

Natsu x Erza

Gray x Juvia

Fried x Mirajane

Alzack x Bisca

Jellal x Erza

Elfman x Evergreen


Natsu x Gray

Romeo x Wendy

Lyon x Juvia

Happy x Charle

Gajeel x Levy

These Are My Feels

For Fairy Tail

Miss Ezra Scarlet And Her Beauty 

(Did Not Draw, I Only Colored It)

~Law At His Finest~

Can I Just Keep? Please!

That’s My OTP!

Drawn By: Zippi44

Colored By: Me

How I Got 100 Followers, I Didn’t Think I Would Get So Much From Posting One Piece Pics But Still

Thank You All image I Love You Babes~